Well – how many times have you watched the coverage of the Royal Wedding? Once just wasn’t enough, surely?

Never mind the fashion (and even some of the dodgy millinery!) The music was pretty fantastic – to hear the organ and orchestral backing in the fabulous acoustic of Westminster Abbey should have set the hairs standing on the back of anyone’s neck!

That said – the lack of enthusiastic singing from some of the congregation caught on camera and the talking during the choir pieces beggars belief – philistines!!!

But of course it should really be all about the couple, shouldn’t it? (…and not even a cart-wheeling verger should take away from that…)

…but if Friday whetted your appetite for a little more Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, we’d be glad  if you came along to Holywood Parish on Friday 13th May for our next concert which is shaping up to be every bit as special … honest!

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