As these things usually come (and go) in threes, i’m referring to Father Christmas, one of my illustrious Tenor compatriots and our very own Valentino Rossi…

As ever, the busy December calendar pushed our annual ‘chrismas’ dinner into the New Year, so last night a large crowd descended on Stranmillis for an excellent night at Giraffe.

Thanks go to Miss Taylor for organising. These nights are always a great chance to get talking to people from outside your section of the choir (… not that i don’t enjoy the banter in the Tenor section of course!) as you don’t often get the opportunity at a Monday night practice.

Next week heralds a return to the choral coal face, buts it’s bitter sweet for us tenors, as last night we said goodbye to one of our own, as Brennon sets off back to the United States to continue his PhD studies in Virginia. We wish Brennon and Whitney all the best for this exciting time in their lives… but Grosvenor will be a little less fun in the meantime!

Happy New Year to you all though!

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