Well there was a bit more snow over the weekend and there may still be a chill in the air, but looking beyond all that … i have to say that i really enjoyed going to Grosvenor last night!

That’s not to say that i don’t normally enjoy it, but having thought about it, i reckon that it must rank in my top 5 rehearsals ever over my time in the choir! (don’t ask me to list the other 4, but i’m sure there have been other notables over the years (?!)

New music was swallowed up last night and Orban will become a choir favourite, i’m sure. When i say ‘swallowed up’ though, i guess i’ve got to thank the better sight readers in the tenor section (i am the dodgy one, remember) for aiding that enjoyment of the practice 🙂

And as i was saying … what about a little Hans Zimmer choral soundtrack music next week Ed ???

Onwards and Upwards (and maybe even across the ceiling…)


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