Away He Goes…

7th January 2012

As these things usually come (and go) in threes, i’m referring to Father Christmas, one of my illustrious Tenor compatriots and our very own Valentino Rossi… As ever, the busy … Read More

The snow hasn’t stopped us this year…

17th December 2011

Last week the lights went out…this week we raised the roof…next week we’re broadcasting live to the nation! Just your average December packed full of engagements with Grosvenor… Last week … Read More

Happy Birthday to Us!

21st October 2011

Grosvenor reached adulthood this week and now, at the grand old age of 18, we’re just home from celebrating with cups of tea, sandwiches and a few cream scones… teenagers … Read More

Here comes the summer!

6th June 2011

The choir agm is upon us once again, meaning our singing year is almost over once again – time flies as ever! The last couple of months have been great … Read More

And just how do you follow that?

1st May 2011

Well – how many times have you watched the coverage of the Royal Wedding? Once just wasn’t enough, surely? Never mind the fashion (and even some of the dodgy millinery!) … Read More

What a week!

22nd December 2010

“…if the BBC van can get there, so can you!” – Edward J. Craig, in rehearsal with Grosvenor. Words which set the tone for much of the week, and what … Read More

Anyone Fancy a Date ???

29th November 2010

… well, we’ll meet you at Down Cathedral on Friday 17th December at 8pm (..or maybe a bit earlier to make sure we get a good seat !!!) Alternatively, in … Read More

And the Lotto winner is …

10th November 2010

… Claire Wallace !!! Well, if she’s able to pick the best day in the past two weeks for her wedding with sun and everything, her numbers have to come up on … Read More