Quite a rewarding evening, all in all…

10th April 2011

Well, it’s the morning after the night before, as they say and for those who were out to the wee small hours, I hope you were all behaving! | Anyway, I digress … last night saw the choir competing in the Open Section at Bangor International Chorale Festival. It’s been a while since we’ve set … Read More

Anyone Fancy a Date ???

29th November 2010

… well, we’ll meet you at Down Cathedral on Friday 17th December at 8pm (..or maybe a bit earlier to make sure we get a good seat !!!) Alternatively, in case you missed last weeks Belfast Telegraph … we apparently now have one of Northern Ireland’s Top 50 Most Eligible Singles in our ranks!!! (… … Read More

And the Lotto winner is …

10th November 2010

… Claire Wallace !!! Well, if she’s able to pick the best day in the past two weeks for her wedding with sun and everything, her numbers have to come up on Saturday! Congratulations to Claire and Geoff on their wedding today (we know of course that you’ll be taking your Christmas music with you on honeymoon, so you’re all … Read More

Portrush … but no dodgems unfortunately …

19th October 2010

Ah – childhood memories. If you’re not familiar with the delights of the North Antrim coast, Portrush is home to one of Northern Ireland’s most well known family attractions – Barry’s Amusements. Unfortunately, it’s closed during the winter months … so we had to just go up north and sing!

Well that was something different …

26th September 2010

Well, this time last night some of us were singing at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast. Having John Rutter as your conductor however is a bit different to a normal concert arrangements though! For those of a certain age (ok, say in your 30’s), if you were in a school choir, you will no doubt have sung at least … Read More

Magnificat – A Celebration of Music with John Rutter

19th September 2010

Call us gluttons for punishment, but some of the choir are taking part in a concert at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast featuring John Rutter’s ‘Magnificat’ this coming Saturday (25th September) Rehearsals started back in June and a 150(ish) strong choir will take to the stage, with full orchestra under the direction of John Rutter himself. The choir … Read More

For Alex

15th September 2010

Today we said goodbye to a friend. “Grosvenor has brought together so many wonderful people from so many backgrounds with so many stories over the years. Alexandra Lineham was one of those wonderful people who shared our love of choral music, and who like many of us, came along on a Monday night and was … Read More

Once more unto the breach, dear friends …

13th September 2010

And so another year begins for Grosvenor! And we begin by welcoming a number of new members – they’ve done their audition – now the rest of us have to be on our best behaviour so that they’ll want to stay! We hope that you’ll all feel very welcome as we dive headfirst into another … Read More